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Do you need to formulate a good estate plan for your property? You will definitely need an estate planning attorney. First of all, you need to know who an estate planning attorney is and what roles or duties he plays. This is an attorney who basically plans your future in terms of your property after your death. He offers legal advice on estate planning including: planning your estate plan, documenting a will, ensuring your wealth is effectively distributed to the beneficiaries, among others. It is, therefore, very important to hire a good one irrespective of how small or big your property is. Below are hints you can follow to select an attorney or learn more at

  1. Ask referrals from family, friends and associates.Some of your family members or friends can recommend good estate planning attorneys for you. They know people in their social class who deal with such matters. Others may have children or relatives who deal in this. However, you have to be careful when selecting a family recommended one especially from members who are to benefit from your estate. You never know if they may have an eye for your property. Your workmates or business partners can also be a good source of referrals.
  2. Get recommendations from your financial advisor or accountant.Your financial advisor having dealt a lot within the money industry always has many estate planning attorneys he might have come across so ask him or her. Your bank or your accountant can refer you to some of their estate planning attorneys. Many banks and financial institutions have partnerships with estate planning attorneys to help beneficiaries access and claim money of the deceased.
  3. Check law firms’ websites, newspapers and media.Advertising is crucial in attracting customers in businesses so I am quite sure many estate planning attorneys have advertised their contacts and premises through print or online media. You might be surprised to find a person you know like your classmate in college or high school. However, be aware of conmen.

  4. Look up state, bar and lawyers associations, estate planners professional bodies.Most countries require that these professionals must belong to professional bodies for licensing purposes. Visit websites of professional bodies of estate planners and lawyers for listings. Your state could also have recommendations so you might drop by their offices for help. Remember some states also have certified specialists for public service. It does not hurt to try them.
  5. Ask other lawyers or attorneys you have interacted with before.There are many lawyers and they all do not have expertise on the same field. However, chances might be that they know each other. If you have interacted with other attorneys on other legal matters you can ask them for referrals.
  6. Contacting your probate court for referral.Probate courts deals with estate and property issues and this means that they see so many estate planning attorneys in their court rooms every day. Court clerks and judges can refer you to some estate planning attorneys.

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